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Chelsea Singh Biography

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Chelsea Singh was born in South East London to a modest working class family, and there began his journey to becoming a multi-millionaire with business interests ranging from photographic studios to restaurants to consultancy to hotels to new inventions.

At a very young age Chelsea looked around him and saw the wealth and success of some of the richest people in the most exclusive areas of London and made the decision that one day, he would be among them.

Chelsea’s determination to achieve great things began manifesting at a very young age, when he bought his first house aged only 17 years old.

With a hunger for adventure, at 19, he moved to The Canary Islands to become a successful DJ at some of the top clubs in the area.

After five years, with the party spirit sated, he returned to London, where he met his long-term partner, and began his business career in earnest, buying a failing photographic business and completely turning it around in two years.

Following on from that success, Chelsea continued in the photography industry, setting up two new photographic studios from scratch, making them leaders in the industry, then selling them in 2010 for £2 million.

Now financially secure, and with enough to maintain his all-important high performance car habit(!), Chelsea decided to retire at the ripe old age of 42, and moved to The Canary Islands with his partner and young daughter, to live a life of luxury and relaxation.

The retirement lasted two weeks. Itchy feet and a workaholic nature soon had Chelsea hunting for the next business venture, and four months later the family was back in England.

Since then Chelsea has expanded his business empire to include investments worldwide, including hotels, residential and commercial properties, internet businesses, innovative products and more.

In 2012, in defiance of the recession, Chelsea launched three new businesses: a beauty salon, a restaurant in The Canary Islands and a seed capital and business consultancy company.

His current projects include: building a brand new hotel in India, launching the Doctors Express online service, and managing a Business Consultancy based in the USA. He also owns a restaurant and music chill bar in the Canary Islands.

He continues to be on the lookout for new opportunities and budding entrepreneurs with great ideas, as well as taking part in community projects.

So if you have a business idea and are looking for seed capital or business strategy consultancy, or are engaged in a social responsibility enterprise, Chelsea would love to hear from you.

“The hardest part about being an entrepreneur is that you’ll fail ten times for every success.” – Adam Horwitz